New Career Chapter

Today is an important day in my career. I have spent the past twelve years preparing for this very day, when I begin running my own business as a language expert. It is a good feeling to have reached this far, and now I am itching for this new chapter to unfold.

In twelve years, I have: taught Norwegian, taught English, worked in finance, worked in engineering, passed my certification exam in Norwegian to English translation, but the common thread that has run through the entire period is the practice of translation. I have translated for all these years, freelance as well as in-house, to deepen my knowledge and hone my skills, a process that just does not end, but one that has helped me reach a point where I am highly confident as a language professional and, most importantly, feel ready to help my clients with all their language needs involving English and Norwegian.

My journey, of course, started long before that. I did an MA in English; before that, a BA in English; before that, a stint in maths, sciences and Norwegian literature and language. Before that, an upbringing at the crossroads of three cultures: living in Tokyo and educated by Americans, I was immersed in a fruitful American-Japanese blend, along with the Norwegian influence from my home. I was lost, I was found, I struggled, I flourished. I was, it seems, born and raised to communicate, to build bridges, to fill gaps, to help people understand each other. This is, in many ways, one of the greatest honours of my life.

This new chapter is one in which I will draw on all my past experiences to offer you the very best that I can. I am one hundred per cent committed to giving you excellent services in English and Norwegian. So whether you're looking for something very specific, or you have a project where you just have a vague sense that you can't get fully to grips with the language by yourself, I am ready to help you achieve a smooth, effective, accurate, to-the-point text that speaks to its audience and achieves your objectives.

Contact me today to discuss your project.